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International free climbers tackle Oman with Jeep
Posted on: 13 January 2014

Oman is rapidly turning into the destination of choice for adventure enthusiasts from around the world. Eager to explore the wild landscapes and boundless natural wonders, a team of professional climbers from Canada and Austria recently kicked off their mountain climbing expedition that spanned across the Northern Hajar’s all the way down to Dhofar, in search of challenging rock climbing opportunities.

The international team consisted of four highly experienced free climbers; Read Macadam from Canada along with renowned Austrian climbers Jakob Oberhauser, Hannes Maier and Much Mayr. The expedition kicked off on November 28 from the showroom of Dhofar Automotive who are the official dealers of Jeep in the Sultanate, and lasted till December 13.In order to reach the far-flung points of their interest, the team required extremely strong and reliable vehicles to overcome the difficult driving conditions that the route posed. A considerable part of the expedition was mostly off-road and intensely rugged terrain. The 2013 Jeep Wrangler was the sole vehicle of choice, for its outstanding go-anywhere abilities and rugged off-road reliability.

As a gesture of support towards the expedition, the team was provided with Jeep Wranglers by Dhofar Automotive. By providing support to the explorers, this leading Omani Automotive group reinforced its continuous and dedicated commitment of safely and responsibly exploring Oman’s natural wonders.

Commenting on the challenges the expedition team had to overcome, Read Macadam, team leader and organizer of the expedition, explained, “Our main objective was to visit the largely unexplored climbing potential around the 1,600m high Selma Plateau and its vast KahfTahry cave system. We managed to explore several new routes during our two week expedition. Our first free climbing ascent was directly out of the 7th Hole Cave, during which we used only the natural protection of the rock, leaving no single bolt in the rock.”

Using Jeep Wranglers, the team tackled rough terrains and precarious off-road conditions on the way to Selma Plateau and to the 7th Hole Cave. “We were very impressed by the Wrangler's capabilities. What an amazing vehicle! With removed rear seats, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of storage space and could even see the rear view clearly. We were especially grateful for the short wheel base when passing some very steep tight corners on very loose rock and over some extremely rough polished wadi bedrock”, explained Read.

After spending a fortnight in the natural wilderness of Oman's splendid outdoors, the team returned exhausted yet very satisfied with the experience of their climbing expedition in the mountains of Oman. Expressing his gratitude for all the support received locally, Read added, “everyone in the team was excited to partner with Jeep, especially as their ethos of ‘go anywhere, do anything’ fitted right in with the spirit of our expedition. We thank Dhofar Automotive for their support in our adventure which allowed us to discover some of what this stunning country has to offer.”