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Posted on: 20 January 2014

True to the spirit of ‘Go anywhere, do anything’, thirty five Jeeps recently competed in the second edition of the exciting Sand Dune Challenge 2013. The event was officially sponsored by Jeep & Mopar from Dhofar Automotive and took place on December 13 in Mashayiq, Wilayat of Suwaiq.

The challenging sand dune event brought together Jeep enthusiasts and adventure seeking drivers who competed to win the 400-metre super stage race while encountering challenging terrain and   dunes in the least amount of time. Thirty five Wrangler and Cherokee drivers participated in the initial round of the race, which included demanding dune ascents and descents, with 10 drivers qualifying to compete in the second round of competition.

Commenting on their support as sponsors of the off-road initiative, Piroshah Nowroji - Marketing Manager of Dhofar Automotive, said, “We are proud to have supported this event, as such events are a great platform to showcase the skills of drivers and the capabilities of their vehicles, all Jeeps. Our aim was to provide a safe area for drivers to enjoy off-roading, while primarily focusing on safety of drivers as well as the audience. Jeep as a brand has always been associated with individuals that have an adventurous spirit”

Following an action packed competition, Sultan Al Jahwari was announced the winner of the Sand Dune Challenge 2013, followed by Walid Al Hashmi in second place, while third place was shared equally between Mustafa Al Ajmi and Nasser Al Hajri.

Celebrating his exhilarating victory after the announcement of the results, Sultan Al Jahwari said: “Winning this competition is a great pleasure and source of pride. The race was very challenging, but it was made possible with all the support from the organiser’s and the capabilities of the Jeeps. We look forward to seeing more of such events in the future, as they allow us to experience the thrill of driving in a challenging yet safe environment.”

The event attracted a large enthusiastic audience, and was jointly organized by the Al-Fairouz 4X4 Team and Oman Automobile Association. During the event the organisers and sponsors emphasized on vehicle safety standards required for all competitors and highlighted the importance of following safe driving practices. In order to qualify for participation, vehicles had to pass certain safety criteria’s, where drivers were required to ensure their vehicles’ safety. During the competition, participants were required to comply to strict safety measures.

While encouraging the spirit of adventure, Dhofar Automotive regularly supports events that promote responsible off-roading. These initiatives reiterate the organizations deep commitment towards highlighting the importance of driver cum passenger safety, along with preservation of the environment through conscientious and safe off-roading practices. To find out more about Jeep or book a test drive, call 2458 4530 or visit your local Dhofar Automotive showroom from Saturday to Thursday, between 8am and 1pm or 4pm and 8pm.